You hope it never happens to you, but sometimes you blow a tire. Whether you’re traveling on a long road trip outside the Laredo, TX area or heading home from work, knowing how to change a tire properly is a useful skill.

Here at Sames Mazda, we want our drivers to be prepared for any scenario, which is why we’re providing a quick guide on how to change a tire.

The first thing you’ll need to do in the event of a flat is to get to a safe spot. Carefully pull off onto the shoulder road or down a side street. You don’t want to drive too far, however, and risk damaging your wheel. Once safely off to the side, it’s time to inspect your tire.

It’s likely you’ll need to replace your tire with the spare, so, you’ll want to get all the items you need in order. Find your spare tire, tire jack, and tire iron. For most cars, the spare tire is located underneath the floor mat in your trunk.

Before removing your flat tire, make sure your vehicle is on flat land, is in Park, and that the emergency brake is on. Don’t attempt to change your tire on a slope or uneven ground.

Before you jack up the car, you’ll want to loosen the wheel lugs by turning them counterclockwise using your tire iron. Don’t remove them completely until you’ve jacked up the car.

Place the jack underneath your car and raise it until it makes contact with the underside of your vehicle. Then slowly continue to raise it until the tire is completely off the ground. Now, you can remove the wheel lugs and detach the flat tire. Position the spare tire over the wheel studs and reattach the lugs partially. Lower the jack so that the tire is on the ground, and finish tightening the lugs.

Finally, head to our Laredo, TX Mazda dealership as quickly as possible for Mazda service. Your spare tire isn’t meant to drive long distances, and you’ll need to replace the tire with a new one as soon as you can or get your current repaired. As always, our expert technicians are here to help. Contact us today to learn more!